Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Sad Demise of Mr.C.S. Ulahannan (72), Chelappurathu

With deep sorrow we are informing you the demise of Mr.C.S. Ulahannan (72) ,
expired on 12th of April 2010 at 08:30 PM in Mannuthy, Trichur.

Mr. Ulahannan, father of
Johnson Chelappurathu (Austria),
Shaji Chelappurathu (Austria),
Reji Chelappurathu (Ireland) and
Eldo Chelappurathu (Ireland)

St. Mary's MSO Church, Vienna extend our deepest condolences to the family.
Let us pray for the departed soul.

Samstag, 10. April 2010

Holy week services 2010

The Holy Week services of the St. Mary’s MSOC, Vienna, commenced with Palm Sunday services on 28 March 2010 by Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, the Vicar of the Church. The traditional Palm Sunday procession, holding coconut tree leaves commemorating Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, was gorgeous and it gave the local folks a diverse feeling.

On Holy Monday, evening prayer was held in Jolly Thuruthummel’s house at 7.30 p.m. followed by sermon by the Vicar.

Likewise, Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil lead the evening prayer and sermon on Holy Tuesday, which took place in Yakob Padickakudy’s house at 7.00 p.m.

The Passover services were held on Holy Wednesday at 8.00 p.m. After the holy Qurbana and Passover services “Pesaha Appam murikkal” was carried out by Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil.

The Good Friday services started at 8.00 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. The processions on that day, in accordance with the traditions and practices of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, were very eye-catching for the local public. Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil and Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil spoke about the importance of the day and why we remember it as “dukka velliyazhcha”

The Easter services started at 12 noon on 4.4.2010. After the Easter services and holy Qurbana, the members took part in the “Agape”. After the “Agape”, Bible Test was arranged for the St.Mary’s Theological Forum members by Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil.

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

One day retreat on 06 Mar 2010 by Vanitha Samajam, St. Marys MSOC Vienna

Following the practice, one-day retreat was organized by the Vanitha Samajam of the St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Vienna during 2010 Great Lent period also. It was held on Saturday, the 6th of March 2010 at St. Mary’s MSO Church, Vienna, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, Vicar of the Church, and Rev. Fr. Prince Paulose, a veteran theologian and a doctorate scholar based in Rome, Italy.

Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil asserted the need of repentance with firm belief that He the Jesus Christ would pardon and wash away the sins of those who really repent and come forth unto Him. Rev. Fr. Biju further wished and prayed that let the Great Lent period be a raison d'être for such a repentance, reversal and U-turn.

The main topic of Rev. Fr. Prince Paulose was the importance and necessities of keeping own home as a role-model of real Christian life and becoming more subservient to the Almighty. He pointed out that deterioration and diminution of peace and happiness in every home are increasing in this modern world. Rev. Fr. Prince spotted out that lack of tolerance and forbearance are the main causes of conflict and the repercussions of such conflicts within home are innumerable and would be enduring as it would adversely influence the children. He reminded one and all that the present generation has a duty to shape up spiritually healthy future generation in leading peaceful and joyful life.

Most of the parish members attended the retreat who found it was virtually a Christian fellowship that would enable spiritual revival.

Photos of one-day retreat

Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

St. Mary’s MSO Youth Association, Vienna elected new committee for 2010-11

St. Mary’s MSO Youth Association, Vienna, Austria elected their new Committee for the year 2010 at its Annual General Body Meeting held at Vienna St. Mary's MSO Church on Sunday, 7 February 2010. The General Body commenced at 3.00 PM with prayer. Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, President of the Youth Association, chaired the meeting and pointed out the important achievements of the Youth Association during last year and highlighted the great Graces of God that the Vienna Unit experienced throughout the year. He also thanked the association members and the committee members for their hard work and support. After the Secretary’s report and financial statement of the treasurer, the elections were held unanimously for the ensuing year 2010-11. Mr. Soja CHELAPPURATHU JOSE is elected as the Vice President, Mr. Subin POOMKOTTAYIL as the Secretary and Mr. Pradeep PAULOSE as the Treasurer. Mr. Binu MARKOSE and Mr. Steffy THADATHIL are elected as the committee members thereafter. Later on, the General Body had detailed discussions on all agenda items and necessary decisions were taken.

Report by: Fr. Biju Parekkattil, St. Mary’s MSO Youth Association, Vienna.

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

The Annual General Body Meeting St. Mary’s MSOC , Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 15:00 Hrs

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Vienna St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church was convened on Sunday, January 10, 2010 after the Holy Qurbana at 15:00 hours in the church premises.

Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, the Vicar and President of the Church Managing Committee, chaired the meeting. Detailed agenda was presented by the Vicar and after his presidential address; the outgoing Secretary presented a detailed report of the activities of 2009. The General Body took note that all activities like the 5th European Family Conference of the Middle Europe and 20th Anniversary celebrations, St. Mary’s Fest, Parish Day celebrations, Grill Party, Sunday School VBS, Ecumenical Xmas Carol Competition etc. were very successful and praise-worthy. The members remained thankful to the Vicar and all Managing Committee and sub-committee members who made relentless efforts to make all programmes a grand success.

Later on, the General Body had detailed discussions on all agenda items and necessary decisions were taken.

The following members were unanimously to serve in the Managing Committee for the year 2010:

President: Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, Vicar
Vice-President: Thomas Poomkottayil
Secretary: George Padickakudy
Treasurer: Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil
Ex-officio: Saju Chelappurath
Committee members: Yacob Padickakudy, Soja Chelappurath Jose, Jolly Thuruthummel
Webmaster: Pradeep Paulose
Auditor: Johnson Chelappurath
Charity Fund coordinator: Yacob Padickakudy

Montag, 4. Januar 2010

Annual Meeting of the Theological Forum

Annual Meeting of St.Mary's Theological Forum, Vienna was held on Sunday 27th December, 2009 at St.Mary's MSO Church, Vienna. After the prayer and introduction of Rev.Fr.Biju Parekkattil, President of the Forum, Mrs. Annakkutty Padickakudy talked about the Theme "Love in the Bible and in our daily life". Following the Vicar's Class about Soteriology, Mr.Jolly Thuruthummel was elected as the Co-ordinator, Mr.Eldose Palpathu as the representative for article writing, Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil and Mrs. Bincy Anjeril for Story writing, Mrs.Jessy Thuruthummel for Poetry, and Mr.Benny Ulloorikara for Christian Humour.

Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Christmas Celebration

We celebrated our Holy Qurbana and the special services of the Christmas on 25th December, 2009 at 11.45 am on wards. Rev.Dn.Aji George, Rome, was the chief guest of this year's Christmas Celebration and he gave us a profound Christmas Message. Rev.Fr.Biju Parekkattil distributed the prizes of the Christmas Tree Competition. Binu Markose and George Araipadical won the first prize, George Kakkattu and Ghosh Angeril the Second Prize and Saju Mathew and Shaji Chelapurath the thrid. After the Christmas service, there was a Love Feast for all who attended the service and the inaguration of the writers' Forum and singing the Carol Songs.

During this Christmas Season, a team of youth association members from St.Mary's Knanaya Jacobite Church,Lavale, Monsumo,( Aslo), Italy visited us and participated in our Christmas day Celebrations.They also attended ourSunday Holy Qurbana and annual day Meeting of the St.Mary's Theological Forum on 27th December, 2009. After five days' Visit, they went back on 28th December, 2009. Their Visit helped us to have a close condact between the two churches.

Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Inaguration of the Writer's Forum

Under the banner of the St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Vienna, a web-based “Writers’ Forum” was designed and inaugurated on Friday, 25 December 2009 at a public meeting organized in the church premises after the Christmas services and the Holy Qurbana.

In his presidential speech, Rev. Fr. Biju M. Parekkattil, the Vicar of the Church, proclaimed that the aim of the Forum shall be to foster writing skills of members of the parish. He hoped that by publishing their articles, poems, frictions, anecdotes etc related to Syrian Christian ideologies, all the members shall be encouraged to write more often which shall of course be useful to all those visiting the Blog as well.

Rev. Dn. Aji George, a theological research-scholar based in Rome, Italy, while inaugurating the Forum, categorically stated that it was a novel and innovative idea for the betterment of the members of the church and the readers as well. He thanked the Vicar and all those concerned for creating such a forum and wished the endeavour every success.

Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil, Sunday School Director, welcomed the audience and Mr. Eldo Palpath, Headmaster of the St. Mary’s Sunday School, Vienna, offered vote of thanks.

Carol Service (Second Day)-2009

Our Carol Team visited many of our houses in Vienna on 19th December, 2009 with beautiful Christmas Carol Songs, X'mas Greetings, and Christmas Gifts. In this second day Christmas Carol, we covered some parts of the Vienna City and out side Vienna. Both our Church Members and the our friends recieved the carol team with warm welcome and treated sweets, love feasts and Christmas Presents. The presence of Rev.Dn.Aji George, who is doing his doctral study in Gregorian University, Rome, provided this second day Carol Service a great importance. Master Nithin Thuruthummel and Master Jerin Chelapurathu served as Santa Claus and Master Nirmal Thuruthummel and Master Kevin Chelapurathu as shepherds.

View more Pictures, please visit Album One,
News Link in Mathrubhoomi

Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

Second Day Carol Visit 2009 (Time Schedule)

Serial No


Travelling time& Distance

Spending Time

Visiting Time


Sonil Fuchrorensgasse 39/2/3 1110 wien

Starting at 9.30



Joykutty Poomkottayil

Hettenkofergasse 14-16 1160 Wien

25 Minutes 12.7. Km

30 Minuten


Binu Raveendranath, Ferdinand kaes gasse 3. 1210 Wien

    25 Minutes, 14.4 Km

20 Minuten


Roy Schulstrasse 5, 2231 Strasshof, Niederoesterreich

23 km – ca. 30 Minuten

30 Minuten+10 Minuten


One Additional House?

Helmahof Deutsch Wagram

8,0 km – ca. 10 Minuten

75 Minuten

13, 05-


3 Additional Houses

Jolly Thuruthummel, Gutenbergstrasse 2B, 2232 Deutsch Wagram

5 Minuten

30 Minuten

14. 25-14.55

Johnson (Jomon) Chelappurathu,Gutenbergstrasse 2, 2232 Deutsch Wagram

2 Minuten

25 Minuten


Saju CHELAPPURATH, Siedlungsgasse 9, 2111Kleinrötz

25,4 km – ca. 34 Minuten

30 Minuten




20 Minuten


Chev.Kuriakose Thadathil, Gross Enzersdorferstrasse 74A/1/10 1220 Vienna

32,3 km – ca. 34 Minuten

30 Minuten

17 . 30—17.50

Jimmi Koithara


20 Minuten

17. 55-18.15


8 Minuten

30 Minuten


Visiting Some Additional Houses.(4)

6 Minuten

80 Minuten


Eldhose Palpathu, Zwerchackerweg 69, 1220 Vienna

10 Minuten



Saji Padickakudy,

Zwerchackerweg 69, 1220 Vienna

20 Minuten


Yacob Padickakudy, Zwerchackerweg 69, 1220 Vienna

20 Minuten


Carol Team

1.Fr.Biju M Parekkattil
2.George Padickakudy
3.Tony Padickakudy??
4.Subin Poomkottayil
5.Soja Chelapurathu
6.Binu Markose
7.Eldhose Palpathu
8.Sijo Padickakudy??
9.Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil
10.Steffy Thadathil
11.Jolly Thuruthummel
12.Saju Chelapurathu???
13.Johnson Chelappurath
14.Shaji Chelappurathu ???

Carol Competition in Vienna

On Sunday 13th December, 2009, our church participated in the Ecumenical Prayer and Carol Singing Programme orgnized in the Pfarre Maria Lourdes Meidling, Hasckagasse 5, 1120 Wien for the Malayalee Pravasi Christians in the area of the Arch diocese of Vienna and got First prize for Senior Group, Second Prize for the Youth and First Prize for the Junior Group.

News Links : ICC Vienna

To View more Pictures, please click here: Album One,

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

First Day Carol Service

On 5th December, 2009, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, we have visited many of our houses in Veinna singing Christmas Carol Songs, giving special gifts, conveying Christmas Greetings etc. Our Christmas carol reflects in this year too the very popular Malankara tradition (Kerala, India) where Carol bands are visiting all the houses with different Music instruments on the Christmas Eve. The Christmas Carol started here in Vienna in last year under the leadership of St.Mary's Malankara Syrian Orthodox Youth Association. In this year, we are conducting our Carol Services both on 5th and 19th December, 2009. Last Saturday, we covered most of the areas of Vienna City, and on 19th December, we are planning to visit the remaing houses in and outside Vienna. This year's Carol Service is a joint effort of the Managing Committee and the Youth Association of our Church and this joint effort helped us to experience a magical team spirit as well as a great warm of the tender feelings related to the advent time and it proved to us that the Joy of Carol knows no age limits. Our Christmas tree competition of this year creates an intimate and happy atmosphere in most of the families and conveys the message of Jesus's birth. Many of them decorated their houses with strings of lights, new Chrimas Trees, shining stars etc and many treate us with delicious food. At this time, great congradulations and a big thanks deserves Master Alexander Anjeril, who served for us all time as Santa Claus.

To view more photos of our First day Carol Service, please click here : Album One, Album Two, Album Three

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

First Day Carol Visit 2009


Travelling time & Distance

Spending Time

Expecting Time of our Visit


Ghosh Ancheril

Eckartsaugasse 25A, 1120 Vienna

9.00-10.00 Carol Practice

30 Min+20


(visiting additional 2 houses)?

Binu Markose + Roy + Vidyadharan (3 Houses)

Carl-Appel strasse 7/1302 1100 Vienna

3,4 km - ca. 7 Minuten

30 Min+ 30 Min


(Visiting additional 3 Houses)

Eldhose Thalappillil, Karplusgasse 1-39/1302,1110

1,1 km - ca. 3 Minuten

20 Min


Matha Super Market

Wilhelmstrasse 43, 1120 Vienna

1,7 km—ca.4 Minuten

20 Min


Air Kerala Reisebüro

Westbahnstrasse 41/9

1.7 Km—ca.4. Minuten

20 Min


Prisco Supermarket

Kenyongasse 20, 1070 Vienna.

4.6—ca. 9 Minuten

20 min


Prosi Supermarket

Wimbergergasse 5
1070 Wien

0,8 Km—ca. 2 Minuten

20 Min


Benny Ulloorikara

Steinbauergasse 36/3/5, 1120 Vienna

2.8 km - about 7 mins

30 Min (+15 )


Soja Chelapurathu

Weiglgasse 19/7-8, 1150 Vienna

2.0 km – about 5 mins,

30 Min


George Padickakudy, Zinnergasse 23/1/2/10, 1110 Vienna

15.2 KM (22 Min)

30 Min


George Kakkattu, Edmund Reim Gasse 17

18.2 km - ca. 20 Minuten

20 Min


Shaji Chelapurathu, Siebenburgerstr 156/11/3, 1220 Vienna

19.1 km – about 20 mins

20 Min


George Araipadickal,

Rennbahnweg 46/8/5, 1220 Vienna

7.5 km—(15 min)




Rennbahnweg 46/3/1, 1220 Vienna

3 Min

30 Min


Ouseph Padickakudy, Jüptnergasse 17/6/17, 1220 Vienna

8.3. km--(about 15)

20 Min


Pradeep Paulose, Grensweg, Vienna

3.6 km—(about 10 min)

60 Min


Visiting some additional houses.

Carol Team

  1. Fr.Biju Parekkattil

  2. George.padickakudy

  3. Jolly Thuruthummel

  4. Pradeep Paulose

  5. Soja Jose Chelappurath

  6. Ghosh Anjeril

  7. Eldhose Palpathu

  8. Chev. Kuriakose Thadathil

  9. Ouseph Padikkakudy

  10. Jomon Chelappurath

  11. Steffy Thadathil

  12. Benny Ulloorikara ?

  13. Sijo Padikkakudy??

  14. Tony Padikkakudy???

  15. Justin Padikkakudy??

Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

In this year we are conducting a Christmas Tree decorating competition among our Church Members. Our Carol team will review your decorated christmas trees at the time of carol Visit. The result of the Competition and the Christmas Gifts for the best decorated tree will be distributed on 25th December, 2009 after the Christmas Day Service. The main intention of such a contest is to provide some happy moments to the our Children and Family members during these Christmas Season and to encourge your spiritual preparation to recieve Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Inaguration of the Youth Blog

On 22nd November 2009, Malankara Syrian Orthodox Christian Youth Association in Middle Europe inagurated its official Blog by Rev.Fr.Eldhose Vattaparambil, Vicar of St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Copenhagen, Denmark on the occasion of the 20th annivesary and annual Perunnal of St.Mary's Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Vienna. This Blog is mainly intended to create a platform for the Syrian Orthodox Youths in Middle Europe to communicate each other publishing their news, articles, photos, greetings etc and to encourage their spiritual activities. Rev.Fr.Biju Parekkattil, Vice President of the Youth Association of the MSOC ME and Vicar, St.Mary's MSO Church, Vienna chaired the meeting, Rev.Fr. Jomy Joseph, Vicar, St.Mary's JSO Church, Switzerland, Rev. Prince Paulose (Rome) and Rev.Fr. Joykutty Varghese (Vienna) were present on this auspecious occasion . Mr. Shaji Chelapurathu, Secretary, St.Mary's Youth Association, Vienna, conveyed the welcome speech and Mr.Pradeep Paulose, Secretary of the Youth Association of the MSOC ME and Vice President of St.Mary's Youth Association, Vienna, extended a Vote of Thanks

Pictures of Churches

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